I am asking for your trust and your vote so I can work for ALL of our children’s educational needs together.

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Making Our Children’s Education Top Priority

Proud parent moment, as our 2nd oldest son got his Master’s in Education from UC Santa Cruz and chose teach middle school math.

As the mother of five, with three children still school age in the Poway Unified School District at three different school, I am in an unique position of seeing a broad spectrum of both the wonderful things our District has to offer that need protecting; along with where the starting points for changes are. You can all guarantee it between multiple rotating schedules/early out/late start days and being a “single” parent through multiple deployments I am extremely detail orientated and have logistics skills covered.

I have two Associate degrees, one in General Education, the other in Business. I have over 30 years work experience in the area of bookkeeping, 16 of it right here in San Diego County, while at the same time running an at-home business. My business and bookkeeping background will come in extremely useful as I am reading through all the financial and contract documents for the Board.

After my husband retired from a 25+ year career in the Marine Corps our family decided California, Poway Unified Boundaries specifically was were we wanted our “forever home” to be so our children to have the best educational opportunities available. As a parent of students with disabilities, I have been advocating for my children and others in our community. I have been a member of the Board of Education’s CAC (Community Advisory Committee) for going on six years now, three of which holding an executive office. I am a regular proponent of pushing the boundaries for parents partnering with the District on projects, and for parents to have a seat a the table when it comes to input for new programs and the future trajectory of the District.

Our Why

My family and I decided I should run for the School Board because we strongly believe in teaching our children to fight for the changes that are needed and protecting the rights of those around them. At this polarizing time in our District and Country I needed STAND UP to be that change as well. I am asking you, my fellow neighbors, community members, and parents, to allow me to continue to advocate not just for my children, or the children on the committees I volunteer for, but FOR ALL OUR CHILDREN BY VOTING FOR ME this November the 8th for the Area C – Poway Unified School Board of Education Trustee Seat.



  • Finding a way for PUSD to overcome the current hiring staff crisis without  outsourcing temporary positions
  • Making sure that mental health professionals hired in with covid funding and being maintaining through the covid grants and the one-time California budget package, are continually funded for years to come for both mainstream and special education students at every grade level.
  • Let teachers teach, and getting all staff, classified and certified alike, the training they request and need, to ensure the future success of Inclusive Practices.
  • Safety on our campuses for students and staff from both physical and mental harm.
  • Partnering with all stakeholders for input on major policies, including processing and implementing received feedback as a team instead of the top-tier down system we currently have in place.
  • Better public explanations of policy changes in real-time, and publicly following up on polarizing topics and questions, would help cause less turmoil and save countless amounts of anxiety and wasted funding due to lack of information or misunderstandings.
  • San Diego Democratic Education Alliance
  • PQ Democratic Club
  • Poway Democratic Club
  • Rancho Bernardo Democratic Club
  • San Diego County Democratic North Inland Area Caucus
  •  San Diego County Democratic Party 
  • San Diego Democrats for Equality
  • San Diego Democratic Central Committee
This was the 1st Safety Summit of the school year. I found what County Office Of Education Rep Tim Ware to have had the most enlightening information of the night. I liked how he talked about when doing school grounds assessments you start with outlining neighborhoods 1st, then working your way towards the school. He Saud that he also puts not only his safety an defensive lens on, but his “father’s eye view” into everything he looks at. The panel stayed, farther longer then expected do to the amount of questions, and there were a lot still left unanswered. The next meeting will be related to social and emotional, mental health; how that plays into safety and what the district is doing to help make a difference Dec 8th. All informational slides from last night are available on the Student Support Services page of the District.
If you are in the Pink – YOU are Area C and I hope I can count on your vote


Poway USD’s 1st ever inclusion Summit! This was for all Teachers, General and Special Education, along with Admin from the school sites. I am so grateful to have been invited as the Chair of the Community Advisory Committee. I got to Fan-Girl over seeing LIVE all the way from CANADA, Shelley Moore! She’s amazing!!! If you want the slide-deck from any of the three presentations she gave yesterday (Elementary, Middle, and High School) they are posted on her Blog under 09/19/2022’s date documents. I was also thrilled to be able to spend time with the 1,500+ teachers on hand today, and I did my best to circulate and be a good listener when it came to what is working and what is not for Co-teaching and Inclusive practices at their sites. A lot of the teachers had great ideas that could be improved on making the experience better for the students and so life-changing for the teachers! I cannot wait to take back and share the stories and process the feedback I heard!

Poway USD CAC had an amazing turn out at this year’s “Back to School Meet and Greet”! We had a HUGE turn out of families this year and I am so proud to be a part of this community. I know we helped get a lot of Special Education families information to make the start of the school year successful! Thanks to all the school staff, teachers, and District staff that either stopped by to visit or volunteered. As well as our amazing entertainment and vendors. So proud to be a part of TEAMPUSD! Ever wondered why someone works in Special Education, or why “that Parent” who looks extra frazzled most days, but then you see them crying for no reason at the simplest thing…maybe this video will help you understand. These moments don’t come often


Officially announcing that I am running for candidate as of today for Area C BOE seat! No backing out now I’ve started making calling and posting on social media. So as I told my 16 year-old as she left for her first behind the wheel driver’s ed training, “take a deep breathe and remember you are amazing, you’ll do great!” I want to do GREAT things for you, so I’m taking a deep breathe, and I’m ready!


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